The Omniverse is a container that contains everything that exists, making it transfinitely large. If we take the jump from our Universe to the Multiverse, and repeat it infinitely, we get the Omniverse (or rather, an approximate equivalent, but not the same).

The Omniverse has a fractal structure resembling random sphere packing. Unlike from the Apollonian gasket or Kleinian circle packing, the size and position of verses is random and spaces between verses exists.

However, many civilizations have created their own superstructures that hold thousands of verses of equal size revolving around a central one, or more. The Omniverse contains everything that exists, but the Omniverse itself doesn't exist, as to resolve the issue of self-containment that The Box undergoes.

The Omniverse is one of the most popular structures of this Realm, as it was chosen to be a hub for most deities, gods, creatures, and lords, due to the fact that pre-historic space explorers, engineers, and scientists created the finality-1 and finality-2 essentially in the same place, before anybody else, marking the beginning of modern history as a whole.

Alongside that, the Omniverse holds historical importance, as many ancient relics can be founds here, with hundreds of museums of artifacts from all over the Realm, libraries, community centers, governments, and research centers, that were all built here. Essentially, the Omniverse, along with The Box, are capitals of this Realm.

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