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Omniverse is a verse, which contains everything that exists, besides with other things that goes outside of existence, including nonexistence. It just contains all existence and all the the verse that contain existence. That's it, existence and nothing but existence. It is the smallest-ever Infinityverse, containing infinite amount of small Archverses, ending with Universes at the lowest layer. The Omniverse is the largest official archverse.


A Omniverse has a fractal structure resembling a random sphere packing. Unlike from the Apollonian gasket or Kleinian circle packing, the size and position of verses is random and spaces between verses exist, mostly being filled by Omni-Web. But at the smallest verses, you may see that verses are arranged in a orderly way instead, unexpectedly.

Each Omniverse contains a Ultraverse, which serves as a quick gateway to different-size Archverses, which is hidden from a looped dimension throughout this Omniverse. In Ultraverse, you may see different Archverses, but visualized as same-size spheres.

The Omniverse contains everything that exists, but the Omniverse itself doesn't exist, as to resolve the issue of self-containment that The Box undergoes.


Many civilizations have created their own superstructures that hold thousands of verses of equal size revolving around a central one, or more. A lot of more civilizations managed to get out of all Archverses with and reach Ultraverse, which they build a subway to their own Archverses.

Our Omniverse

Our Omniverse lives in a Allomniverse, which also contains many neighborhood Omniverses, which all have different, smaller sizes and different ratios of existence and nonexistence. They were clustered by a Omniversal civilization, when they unexpectedly found some of those from the deep layers of The Outside.

Our Omniverse is one of the most popular structures of our Realm, as it was chosen to be a hub for most deities, gods, creatures and civilizations.

Alongside that, the Omniverse holds historical importance, as many ancient relics can be founds here, with hundreds of museums of artifacts from all over the Realm, libraries, community centers, governments, and research centers, that were all built here. Essentially, the Omniverse, along with The Box, are capitals of the Cetaverse.


Back when The Box was created, its recursive layers were not stable whatsoever. Many of them collapsed inwards on themselves and disappeared into thin air. This did nothing, because The Box was empty and non-finality based yet, but it had an infinite number of layers.

After a bunch of layers fell, one layer, which was either special in some way, or collapsed in the right way, or maybe a phenomenon happened at the exact same moment, it is unknown what really happened but we know it happened with the collapse of a layer, caused a massive explosion inside, which rattled The Box and turned it maximally chaotic for the next many, many OYC. During this stage of chaos, through sheer luck, The Box slowly brought upon itself the property of being 2-finality.

As this happened, objects of existence-(0,1) were first ever constructed. Then existence-2, existence-3 and so on. The problem is, that existence-4 and existence-5 objects attract each other (positive and negative attractions between icosahedra varients described in The Other Box article), and as two far apart ones and giant ones did so, they smashed together, producing an incredible explosion, blasting away the majority of all non-existence-(0,1) objects, and in the process, causing the formation of 12 Omniverses. 1 of them was special, containing all existence-1 objects, and so it was given the name of The Omniverse, while the others were named as Pseudo-Omniverses.

Another reason for its significance, and a deciding factor for it becoming labeled as special, and the other ones as mere "pseudos", was due to the absolutely unmatched amounts of Archverses packed together, which were not only patterned, but some also patternless, some had life, some were empty, some had ordered cubistic looks, while some were fractaled.

All of the 11 Pseudo-Omniverses, alongside with the Omniverse, are contained by the Allomniverse, but the verse is invisible in most visions.


Omniverse, in the old version of Aarex's cosmology, contains everything else, including (non-)existences, types, abstracts, and concepts. It proves the omniverse is similar to The V&D Box.

See Also

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  • Multiverse - the verse consisting with smaller universes
  • Archverse - the verse which is finitely recursive
  • Ultraverse - the looped dimensional verse which "diagonalizes" smaller archverses
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