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== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
* Even beings [[community:Message_Wall:K.A.M.I.T.R.O.N_CYBERGOD_OVER_9000|KAMITRON CYBERGAUD 9000!]], [ Exaggerated Goku], and [ Voyagers] from Suggsverse are still like ants and trash and nothing and even infinity below and that and so on forever. Or even an upgraded Harry Potter is like trash. Even though the Voyagers above infinite hierarchies above even more hierarchies they still be less than nothing and so on and so on like trash even a real world ant can beat them.
* Humans, being insignificant specks, see a black void upon entering On.
* When Harry asked where the train would take him, Dumbledore chuckled and replied: 'On'. This is most likely the 'On' he is referring to.

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On is an existence of everything that is thinkable, unthinkable, and types that go beyond thinkable and unthinkable. How all this is possible is still something to discover by our feeble human minds, but nevertheless is true.  

Every -verse imaginable and unimaginable absolutely that would be beyond the omniverse and all-verses is so small that it would not even compare. On is a -verse beyond the imagination of any being, except for of course Bongus.  

On is a concept where the infinite approaches ever-greater ordinal values. Godlike alien beings swim through its voids, and create maddening realities that is best left to the mercy of these creatures. 

It's size is 10 to the power of infinity to the power of infinity omegas.


  • Humans, being insignificant specks, see a black void upon entering On.
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