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One ("Ba" in The Pencil Language, or En in Future English) is an extremely strange verse that contains just a single planet.

It does not contain anything else; just the planet.


One was discovered by a group of explorers that found a portal disguised as a verse. When they entered the portal, they landed inside One, which was completely hidden to all of the explorers and all their ships. They discovered a single planet inside One.

The Planet

The only thing inside of One is a planet. This planet is terrestrial. The whole planet seems to have no core of any sort, and also has no life. There are rumors that a verse resides inside of the planet's empty core.

This planet will move about randomly through One, and has never repeated the same path or been in the same location twice.

You might be thinking, "how does this planet move completely randomly and without being in the same area twice in a finite verse?" That is the question many creatures are attempting to answer.

The Planet has randomly disappeared on a few occasions; one where One collided with another verse. The planet disappeared, and so did the other verse.

However, the verse suddenly reappeared 1 Earth year later.