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This verse contains the ontario highway 400. It is super random and appeared inside the Cranberryverse. At first, it just bounced around and destroyed planets in that verse. Now it is used for good and is controlled. It is made mostly out of Paveverses.


It is made of metal, and the inside looks like a road. This verse was named after the Ontario Highway 400 which is inside the Universe. This verse has the weird property of being able to fit more than it's size. This is because there is more dimensionality than most objects inside it, so there is enough dimensions of units for the objects to fit right in.

How it is used by the Cranberryverse

When technology improved in the Cranberryverse, this was held in place by magnets, so now it is controllable and usable. This verse had a good use. When living things from the Cranberryverse detect a verse that is outside in the void, they bring it here and put it into this verse. When a verse is left by itself, all the heat could damage the verse. Keeping those verses in here is good.