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The Ontological Museum is a location with no known creator in between verses, displaying strange objects of great power. Each object has an associated method of unlocking to access the object, as well as a plaque describing the object in the reader's language as well as giving its name. It is impossible to access these objects other than unlocking them in a special way, usually involving a sacrifice. It has been shown that the Ontological Museum can take objects and put them within itself.


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Grand Black Obelisk - A human-sized obelisk of unknown composition. It can access verses deleted from existence. No one has accessed it so far.

Glitch Core - LEAVE. Somebody has accessed it.

The Box - A completely ordinary cardboard box filled with air. The Box is shut. No one has accessed it so far.

Encyclopedia Cassandra - A leather-bound book that can answer any question about anything. Somebody has accessed it.

Everything - A book of poems by Ael Onpet. Not accessed but copies exist outside of the Ontological Museum.

Pristine Surface - A portal to a verse within the Second Realm. Unlike the rest of the Second Realm, it is mostly static, with only a thin layer of liquid moving. Staying in this realm for long will show you the thing you need most.

Yellow's Blade - In October 2019, YellowMarkers1 and MinersHavenM43 had a battle. Despite Yellow having more points than Miner, Miner won, because Miner's Mandelbrot Swordield is a magic weapon, while Yellow's blade isn't. When Miner won and killed Yellow, he took his blade and put it in his house. Later, Ubersketch asked Miner if he could put it into his Ontological Museum, and Miner accepted.

Yetmmud Residue - 151 OYC ago(as of 2021), a Yetmmud appeared on the outskirts of the Omniverse on an abandoned planet. During this time, or during its departure, it left a 17 x 17 centimeter cube of completely unknown material, guarded by unknown laws of unknown origins. None of its properties are known and are likely to remain unknown. It is thought to be stable, however, it could be unstable as well, so a planck-length perfect copy remains at the museum, while the original is in a time freeze being studied in a protected enviroment.

A piece of The Arch - On 237 OYC, a piece of The Arch broke when an extremely corrupted verse smashed into it at a never-before-seen speed. The piece was relatively small, only being 10 centimeters wide. No damage to the piece was done. It is currently being studied by creatures in The Vast Pseudo-Void.

Objects from Something - Many items were found in Something by explorers. They were first found in 12 OYC, and the latest one discovered was in 7219 OYC. Objects include sentient objects that aren't supposed to be sentient, buildings that seemingly violate space and time, and objects that seemingly do things almost uncomprehendable, such as changing the dimensions to an impossible one.

Mr. Pigeon - A single skeleton of a pigeon, which has been dubbed "Mr. Pigeon" , was taken in by the Ontological Museum. The pigeon has no particularly remarkable traits that make it special among verses and/or dimensions and is pretty much just a normal pigeon skeleton. It's not particularly powerful unless one's a tiny helpless grub or something. Mr. Pigeon's skeleton was first accessed by a few very confused explorers who sacrificed a lot of bread crumbs circa 2957 OYC. After the sacrifice and discovery, many were left to wonder about the life of Mr. Pigeon and the circumstances of the skeleton's arrival. The suspected life of Mr. Pigeon is thought to have occurred in a normal large urban city on the planet Earth, a habitable planet in the Milky Way Galaxy in some universe, and lived off a diet of mostly Lucky Charm toasted oat pieces that little children didn't want to eat as the marshmallows were tastier. Mr. Pigeon likely died of cyanide poisoning when a very gleeful couple threw peanuts laced with cyanide out for his flock. No one knows the precise reasoning as to why it was taken in by the museum. Some theorists believe Mr. Pigeon was taken into the museum out of insecurity, seeing as there were no dinosaurs in this museum. What kind of museum has no dinosaurs? A lame one apparently. So, Mr. Pigeon was taken into the museum circa April 28, 2012. Or maybe the museum just really liked pigeons. Who knows? That's one of the greatest mysteries of the Omniverse.

A blob of pure Sentient Substance - A pure blob of Sentient Substance, the 1st element to have sentience. It is a very bizarre substance in other ways, like changing color to express emotions and using auditory hallucinations to "telepathically" communicate with other entities.

A hand - A oversized hand. This hand has very jagged and sharp fingers presumably used for attacking, and seems to have a black, viscous liquid on it. It is unknown where this hand came from.

Spectrum Blade of Crystal - A very magical sword, could even be sentient. It vibrates and gives bad luck.

The BHR - A machine that stops black holes from destroying everything.

aA tTiny dDog - A tiny dog the size of an atom, and every E100#^#120,670,879,908,980,098,098,765,345,543,211,122↑↑↑↑↑↑↑666,000,000,998,767,234,453,435 OYC, it says, "I don't have a cracker in my mouth, I might have a cracker in my mouth, I have a cracker in my mouth." THAT IS SSUUPPEERR WEIRD.

Ikjop Crystal - A bluish-grayish-greenish colored crystal that can be used for stabbing things and works VERY well because of how sharp it is. It is named after an entity called Ikjop that discovered it.

The Dunk Sword - A replica of Dunkey Kong's sword (it is fake because only DK can use it)

Zbfdfffg'gdfgr - A cube exactly 5.888 meters in length. On it are multiple grooved lines intersecting each other at seemingly random angles. The object has multiple anomalous properties such as its tendency to gravitate away from dense objects, its ability to become immovable in a pure vacuum, and its resistance to very high heat. It is believed that this was caused by the object being ejected from a -verse with very specific laws that got violently destroyed in a collision. A key exists on one side of Zbfdfffg'gdfgr.