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Orange Ring is the 5th Ring in the Ring series. Aside from The Double Existence, it follows The Yellow Ring. This ring ranks an Orange on the Kardashev Scale. The Orange Ring is strongly liked by the Orange Ring Association.

The Orange Ring is known to have the taste of oranges and smell of orange gel pens. However, on approximately 0.0278% of tastes/sniffs, the Orange Ring has the taste of pumpkins and the smell of orange ballpoint pens due to it's instability.

Similarly to the previous rings, the center of the Orange Ring is home to a Guardian, which is known to be even more powerful than Guardians from previous rings. The Orange Ring Association is tasked with making sure the Guardian is happy and in a well physical and mental state to ensure that the Guardian is prepared for battle.

The Orange Ring is more unstable than the Yellow Ring. About every 52115 days, it ejects 5 to 10 Yellow Rings. For some unknown reason, it has not been known to eject The Double Existence. This should not pose much of a threat to anybody inhabiting the Orange Ring, as the chance of their ring being ejected is incredibly small.

Note: Do not attempt to punch the Orange Ring. Your hand will shatter into thousands of pieces, as one unfortunate man named Richard found out.

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