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The Orrassian Empire is an early Type IV Civilisation which follows an Imperial Monarchy System. It has conquered its home galaxy of Magni Ofras, in the Universe-Class Orasverse, named after the most advanced civilisation there. The Empire has started the colonisation of nearby galaxies such as Magni Typas.

Its home planet is Frisia-3, or Frisia Prime



The Orassian Government is an Imperial Monarchy, where a leader is chosen when the current leader dies. They choose the oldest male descendant of the current reigning Monarch to be the Heir.

Their Monarchial Title is ‘Oras’, which roughly translates into ‘The High Emperor’.


Orassians use the Universal Orassian Calendar, where a year is equivalent to 412 Days, which is how long it takes for the Orassian Home planet of Frisia-3 to orbit its sun.

Confederation Day

Confederation Day (C.N) is the beginning of the Orassian Calendar and is celebrated on the 1st day on the Calendar. Orassians all over the galaxy celebrates the day Frisia-3 united.

Conquest Day

Conquest Day is celebrated mainly in Magni Ofras, it celebrates the Orassian Empire fully colonising their home galaxy. It is celebrated on the 200th day of the calendar.



The Orassian/Orassi species that rules the Orassian Empire. It is the most populous in the empire, too. It is one of the only Sapient Species in the Orasverse.

The Orassians evolved from a furry mammal resembling a fox, and still hold many characteristics with them. They have two large ears, a fox-like snout and a body covered in fur.


The Magniar species originate from the Union of Magnima. They are the second most populous in the Empire.

They are tall and are avian. Magniars have 2 sets of wings and a large red-orange beak. They cannot fly but can glide.


The Orassi-pre is a species that originates from the home planet of Frisia-3, it is a hybrid of Orassians and a long-extinct species of the Preta-Oxcra.

They are nearly exactly like the Orassians, but the key differences are that Orassi-Pre are less intelligent compared to the Orassians. The Orassi-Pre also have smaller ears and shorter snouts.