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The Ordinal Kardashev Scale is a ordinal version of the Transversal Kardashev Scale. And it works better. It is used to measure how powerful a civilization or Cosmic Entity is.

  • Define a Verse that has no other verses in it as a Order-0 Verse, such as the Universe.
  • Define a Verse that has Order-0 Verses in it as a Order-1 Verse, such as the Multiverse.
  • Define a Verse that has Order- Verses in it as a Order-() Verse.
  • If a Verse as multiple orders of verses inside it, say it has the most common one.

Numbers on the scale and what they mean

  • 1 controls an Order-0 verse.
  • controls Order-0 verses.
  • controls an Order-1 verse.
  • controls Order-1 verses.
  • controls an Order- verse.
  • controls Order- verses.

You can also add them, like:

A Civilization or entity with OKS controls:

  • 2 Order-2 Verses
  • 4 other Order-1 Verses not contained in either of the Order-2 Verses
  • And 7 Order-0 Verses not contained in any of the above.

The highest Civilization/Entity in Maxywaxy's Hierarchy is .