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The Orroverse is a universeal parasite that looks for any type of universes to inject its genetic code into them. After the Orroverse has injected its genetic code into the host, the injected code inside the universe begins to eat the heavyest elements first, then the lightest elements last. Orroverses can also compress in size so it can form heavyer elements. It can do this in reverse.

Outer Layer

The outer layer of the Orroverse has a rough, sticky layer that traps any kind of matter, then the matter is taken inside of the Orroverse to be translated into genetic code. The rough layers on the other hand penatrate the universe, so it can inject the genetic code.

Inner Layer

The inner layer is a place where all the Mega Atoms are genarated. The Orroverse uses the Mega Atoms to create DNA strands the size of galaxys. But the inner layer is also very weird and strange. The inner layer has very dense gas that weighs 51036 kilograms per cubic meter, negative matter, color change, and randomly teleported atoms. Its a very strange place.


The core is a place full of weirdness and chaotic stuff. There is only chaos in the core, because the atoms here randomly grow and shrink, matter explodes all the time, time slows and speeds up, objects going at infinite speed, and an infinite amount of dimentions.