P i t .


p i t. (☀103)
.t i p (☀103)

ɹnʞnÇ znsuoS . Aka. p i t ., Is a pit that goes on forever. p i t. Seems VERY small at first, But after you go down it, there is no coming back.


Now there are types of p i t. There is the .t i p Which is p i t., but its 0 Meters long. There is p i t. 2.0 Which isnt infinitly long.But it is indeed very long. It will take you a total of 10 days before you go down. Now there is p i t. 3.0 (yes i am running out of ideas please help me) p i t. 3.0 Is basiclly p i t. 2.0, but longer. It takes 20 days to finish And it goes on and on like that. There even is p i t. 100.0. At p i t. 1000 it would take a total of 10 years to finish. But at the final p i t.,p i t. ω.0(☀103), it will take over 55.039.890.369.853.656.750.654.457.380.864 days,(55 decillion) or 150.546.746.,39(150 nonillion) years to finish. But there is actually another p i t.its beyond p i t. ω.0(☀103). Its called the .t i p - א‎ωωω.0. it goes on for (☀1030) meters. Or in other ways, it would be impossible for a person to go down this p i t. it would take (☀1034) years to finish.


Why is it so long?

Beacuse it is.

Why is it called p i t. ?

Why not?

Why is t i p. (☀103) pit ω so distorded?

Cause it is so far that it is starting to get glitched and distorded.

Why is it so Long?

Beacuse why not?

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