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The Palladiumverse is a verse that has 0.8% palladium. The palladium is mostly concentrated in the crusts of planets, normally in large deposits, nebulae and asteroids. The Palladiumverse is not very different from our Universe, as it has the same laws of physics.


The Palladiumverse was formed when two verses collided with each other 16.2 billion years ago, which were the Ferroverse and the alatarverse. The Meskoverse didn't have the same laws of physics as the Palladiumverse, but the Ferroverse had almost the same laws of physics, but that's not the reason the Palladiumverse has almost the same laws. That is actually due to the fact that when two verses collide, the resulting verse has random laws of physics. Either way, the Palladiumverse was formed by that collision.


The civilizations include the bellow.


The Palzaxia are the civilization with the highest Kardashev Scale. They have a Kardashev Scale of 3.63, and have conquered 700 galaxies. They created a really strong material, called Palladite, or Palladium Diosmite (PdOs2). It is used in tall buildings and in drills.


The Meptzzyo are a civilization with a kardashev scale of 2.84, the 47º with the highest Kardashev Scale, but they invented the vaccum decay and CSE protection technology, and it protects the entire Meptzzyo's galaxy.

smashed onto each other. This is very rare, and only occours when two verses collide in the weak parts of the boundaries. In this event, the laws of physics of the verses get completely changed in the new verse. In the Palladiumverse's case, the two verses collided and formed a verse that has a lot of palladiu

60 billion years ago, a superplanet formed. This superplanet is going to be most of the palladium that the Palladiumverse had. 40 billion years after the formation of the planet (20 billion years ago), Palladiumverse formed. 4.8 billion years after that (16.8 billion years ago), the superplanet and Palladiumverse started orbiting each other. A few million years after they started orbiting, they collided. Since Palladiumverse was still hot, most of the palladium got