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The Paytyunverse (originally պայթյունզերք) is a verse that seemingly explodes, but the explosions are just the emission of ammotine, a green fluid with Paytyunverse properties, able to go faster than light. It seemingly explodes because when it emits ammotine, Paytyunverse gets 2.137 times brighter because ammotine gets brighter when emitted.


Ammotine is a green fluid capable to go 56.1c or faster (if the verse has a higher speed limit) because it contains properties of Paytyunverse.


There is another similar material, called Ammatium, is the fusion between titanium and ammotine. Its is represented by Ti2Ao2. By far only 4.52 metric tons (28 703.3 stones) were produced until the year 3019.

It can travel faster than light too, because when an element sticks with ammotine, it transfers the exotic atoms to the other atoms.


In the year 2472, an armenian astronomer called Vanagan Ghukasyan discovered a bright light in his telescope. He thought it was Törmäysverse, but Törmäysverse has a apparent position near the constellation of Lacerta, but the bright light was brighter than Törmäysverse collision and the bright light had a apparent position near the constellation of Hercules. He zoomed into the sky and found another verse, and because it looked like it exploded. He called it պայթյունզերք, and in armenian it means Paytyun (explosion) verse.

Later, in the year 2711 it was discovered ammotine in Pluto, The Moon and in Switzerland, as it travelled from Paytyunverse to the planets in the Solar System. By path tracking machines, scientists figured that the ammotine travelled all the way up from Paytyunverse to our universe. That was a Extreme Ammotine Explosion, that happens every 0.78-1.34 billion years, and it liberates 883 649 - 1 233 729 times more ammotine than in normal explosions, and has a 6.25% chance of hitting the Solar System.


The interior of Paytyunverse looks like a ordered Deltaverse, spinning around a alphamassive black hole, with a mass of 2.37 quintillion solar masses. This makes

Ammotine is emitted by the ⓾-class stars, which are 43.8% of all the stars of Paytyunverse. Still, the ammotine emitted by ⓾-class stars is only 0.031% of all ammotine created. The other 99.969% are ammotine created in the boundaries of Paytyunverse. They get created by the collisions of particles with the boundaries of Paytyunverse.