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The Pencilverse is a type of verse that contains mainly just pencils. Pencilverses have only been seen 4

times in the Omniverse, and are usually quite small.


The structure of a Pencilverse is usually very orderly, but sometimes, objects can fly everywhere, causing massive amounts of damage to the surrounding objects and verses.


Each planet in a Pencilverse is basically one of ICantEdit's pages. The reason why these planets can contain huge verses like The Dust Speck, even though they are so small is because of the Glitchonicite at the core of each planet, which clips each verse into different existence states. That partially keeps the verse on the planet and also where it is supposed to be in the hierarchy.


There are only 3 stars in a Pencilverse, and each star stands for each subcategory of "ICan'tEdit's Pages". The stars are:

Each star has at least 1 planet orbiting it.

'Also ICan'tEdit's pages' currently has 3 planets orbiting it, and they are Energyverse, The Too Big, and the Interversal Structure Flower.

'ICan'tEdit's pages(*)' currently has 1 planet orbiting it, and it is Supersize Chain. This planet is mostly desolate, and no one cares about it.

'ICan'tEdit's pages?' currently has 6 planets orbiting it, and they are Human, That Human, Obamaverse, Obama-Multiverse, Obama-Metaverse, and Zinc.

There is one star that is still not officially recognized, and that is ICantEdit's First Pages. It contains exactly 11 verses, making it the star with the most planets orbiting it, but is quite new, and thus has still not gotten included as an official star in the Pencilverse.


The ruler of a Pencilverse is a creature called an ICantEdit. These creatures can create planets inside Pencilverses, and hate it when their planets get damaged. If they do, they will lash out at whoever did it. Currently, only 3 ICantEdits have been spotted.


This is the first ICantEdit. It rules over Pencilverse #1, and is ok at creating new planets. Some of these planets are quite interesting, such as The Far, Energyverse, and Matterverse, but there are also planets like The Table and 'thingy', which all are wastelands.


ICanAdvertise can make pages, but can advertise its pages even more. It constantly goes on an app called 'Discord' and posts its pages onto the All dimensions Wiki Server 24/7, and never stops. This ICantEdit is probably the most annoying one.


ICanWarn is the most protective of its planets, and if anyone touches one of its planets, ICanWarn will lash out and post random, meaningless things on another person's "wall", a place where cosmic entities can communicate with each other on a higher reality.

For example, there was a time when 1O8888888884, an account who was deleting planets everywhere, got killed by ICanWarn when ICanWarn posted things like 'XD you suck', 'get a life get a life get a life', and 'die go to hell'. These comments were seen as extremely rude, and ICanWarn got banished into Beyond Universe Wiki for the rest of eternity.