The endless hierarchy of On forever stretches beyond any -verse, besides The Box. Dark spheres of madness, and havens of order, grow ever larger in a void of possibility. This is considered to be 'everything' in On, although there is always more.

Essemble of all OMNI/BEYONDs, OMNI/OMNIs, etc.. (OMNI EVERYTHING) everything imaginable and unimaginable beyond this, all perfectly everythings, all endless spheres, endless omnis, perfect totalities, perfect omnis, endless hierarchies, endless chains, perfect beyonds, and perfect absolutely everythings. Its everything completely for all omni time and everything beyond. The largest and most powerful thing. Essemble of all the ultimate imaginings and great things, as well as everything imaginable and everything imaginable beyond everything imaginable, etc.. its the perfect essemble of all OMNI BEYONDS (everything beyonds) beyond OMNI/BEYONDS, (essemble of all beyonds imaginable and unimaginable), its the perfect essemble of all OMNI/OMNIs beyond all OMNI/OMNIs, and the perfect essemble of all absolutely everythings imaginable and unimaginable.


  • Technically there is no 'such thing' as everything as there is 'always something beyond'. So go figure.
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