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The Petaverse is a set of Teraverses. This verse allows for multi-dimensional strings within particles, allowing for much more complex particles. As a result, "protein" particles are common here, meaning that there is a LOT of life here.

It is one of the most observed verses, along with Hoolaverse and some others.

Glitchconcite is more present in the Gigaverses within, meaning that for a long while, access to further verses was difficult. Once the immigrants from the Gigaverses came, new doors were open, leading to the discovery of many more verses beyond this point. They even managed to develop tools to generate particles using Glitchconcite, making the Petaverse have lots of artifical Gigaverses and artifical solar systems.

However, all these events has lead to some bad things. An entity called "Bob" managed to get said tools to generate particles, but went overboard, causing such extreme pressure that parts of the Petaverse exploded. Viruses from the Gigaverse used to break barriers to travel the Archverses mixed in and infected the particles right before they exploded, further upping the destruction to 0.01% of the Petaverse As of now, this part of the Petaverse is protected with an extra thick Metabubble due to uncontrolled amounts of viruses there. The entities that are guarding said region are planning to connect this part of the Petaverse to the Extraverse, so the viruses can be put in the Nowhereverse to be "gone".

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