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The Pink Ring is the seventh in the ring series. This one is perhaps the most dangerous out of all of them.

It has the smell of raspberries, which tends to attract Pripriamphivians to here, even though they never get here due to all that it contains. It also has no taste, proven by Maul Habianns.

This ring spins very fast, but unlike the other rings up to this point, it is actually very stable. Its center of gravity is actually in the center this time (well actually 3.57 meters off, but that's fine). It started spinning due to a collision with the side of the Brown Ring.

It can grow trees out of its edges, however, this happens very rarely, with only 7 ever being discovered. There have been estimates of only about 10,000,000 trees on this ring right now, which is tiny for its size. These trees help provide resources to keep this ring in full material, which is why so few are needed.

Like the other rings, it has another Guardian in the center, but this one doesn't like fighting. Instead, he tries to avoid as many battles as possible, and instead uses words. However, often, he does end up getting into battles because of the cruel existence there is, and he usually ends up barely winning. In the event of a battle, the Pink Ring Corporation will send out fleets of ships to assist the Guardian, usually having little effect.

Note: Do not attempt to climb any of the trees because you would certainly be flying off due to the extremely fast rotation.

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