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The Pizza verse is like, a give away verse, except it gives away Pizza. This is where all The Pizza Factories and Pizza Huts drop off their supplies, pretty much just a place to pick up your pizza.


This verse gives away millions of types of pizzas, the most popular are, Fire Pizza, Antimatter Pizza, and The Famous, Omnium morborum curationes Pizza. Over a googol amount of pizza are sold each year, and yeah lots of people come here, and eat. You can get ordinary, normal sized pizzas for free, but buying more than 10 pizzas at once cost a 100$ fee, and exclusive pizzas, like the “Anti Matter Pizza” cost over 1,000,000,000$ to prevent people from arbitraging. Every Gigaverse has 2 Pizzaverses, the government thought making a Pizzaverse was a great idea to reduce world hunger, or should I say Universal Hunger.


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Criminals come to the Pizzaverse to eat Godmode Pizzas.

Money Hogs used to come here to order Diamond Pizza, so they can sell it on eBay and Amazon for over 1,000,000$ This has been Patched by the Pizza Government