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Planet treeyl is a planet full of trees. However, each tree is the size of a Multiverse. The planet has about 10 googolplex trees. Since the trees are connected to a single organism, the treeyl can be an entity. The largest of these trees is the fruit tree. The fruit tree is a tree that grows many fruits to protect it. These fruits fall into 3 categories: reproducer, (varies), and brute. Reproducers spit seeds that grow into the fruit over 10 days. The fruit has an 80% to be a (varies), a 19% chance to be a reproducer, and a 1% chance to be a brute. The (varies) is a warrior of some sort. The brute is like the (varies) but much stronger. The fruit tree is hallow, and the ruler of planet treeyl, Treeman, lives inside of it. He spits out seeds that grow into reproducers of different fruit types to keep up the population. The fruits are hostile to those who go near the fruit tree.



The apples are the most basic of the fruits. The warriors have spears that they use to fight. The brutes don’t have spears, but are very buff. They are the most common fruit.


Pears are the 2nd most common fruit. The pear knockers attack by using a club. The brutes use very large clubs to crush opponents. Pears are about 20% rarer than apples.


Oranges are the 3rd most common fruit, being 30% rarer than pears. The orange bombers attack by spitting bomb oranges that explode on contact. The orange brutes do the same thing, but they spit out orange bombers instead of bomb oranges. The reproducers are unable to spit bomb oranges since they have to spit seeds.


Bananas are the 3rd rarest fruit, being 25% rarer than oranges. The bananarangs attack by hurling themselves like a boomerang at opponents, then coming back for a second hit and landing back where they started. The brutes and reproducers also have this ability.


Pineapples are the 2nd rarest fruit, being 35% rarer than bananas. Pineapples are very powerful fruits, being much stronger than other fruits. The pineapple plowers attack by shooting their pines at enemies, and, as their name implies, can plow through most stuff. The brutes do the same except they shoot entire pineapples and plow through even more stuff. Reproducers shoot pines that grow into more pineapples.


Watermelons are the rarest fruit, being 40% rarer than pineapples. Watermelons are even bigger and stronger than pineapples! The watermelon toughnuts are durable and charge through opponents with deadly attacks, almost comparable to an apple brute! Watermelon brutes are the strongest weapons in the fruit tree’s arsenal, excluding treeman himself.


Treeman lives inside the fruit tree, and he created planet treeyl. He is a lesser god who can spit out thousands of reproducer seeds per second that grow into random reproducers, however some are rarer than others. He can also transform targets into trees for up to 1 hour. If killed, he will regenerate his body over exactly 10 years, no matter how bad condition it’s in, or even whether it exists anymore or not. His existence state is something that he can change from 0.9-1.1, though he keeps it at 1.1 most of the time. He can change himself from being 2D, 3D, or 4D, however he likes being 3D. He is young, at only 75 OYC old, he created planet treeyl when he was 2 years old. He, despite being a lesser god, has very limited powers. He cannot teleport or fly. Well, he can fly when he’s inside or near the fruit tree, but he can’t teleport. He might be one of the weakest gods. He is big though, at about the size of the universe, though he is able to change size from 0.75x normal to 1.25x normal. It is unknown how he cane into existence, however it’s theorized that he created himself somehow. Most non-omniscient gods don’t know he exists. He has never left the omniverse before because that would take a lot of work, even for him.


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reproducers are the same size as the normal non-brutes. The brutes are the large ones.


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