Plantet of Greatness

The Plantet of greatness is a large planet inhabited only by plants, and is constantly warm thanks to the core of the Universe of Greatness. A plantet of greatness has a very high land/sea ratio, with very few lakes and streams. The dirt is very moist and water is generated from the core of the planet, so this doesn't really hurt the non-aquatic plants. In order to keep things going, some Plants of Greatness inhale oxygen instead of Carbon Dioxide.

The Plantet's size doesn't vary much, at most by a few miles, and their organization is very neat within their Galaxy of Greatness. Not much else aside from...

Death Dust

Death dust is the greatest danger on the Plantet of Greatness, as it is the only thing the plants have to worry about. If you were to touch this stiff, the part that made contact would dissolve into goo. This stuff is made up of highly dense bacterial and viral populations which can eat up anything remotely organic, including consciousness. The plants have very high-level defenses against this stuff, and you should too before touching it. It is very abundant on the Plantet and resembles flakes of plaque. They tend to be 1000 Cells of Greatness in size.

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