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The Poleverse is a set of Multiverses, but with a concept called antivibration, and with more particles for both particles with normally vibrating strings and strings with antivibrating strings.


Antivibration is like vibration, but with negative speed. Normally, this is impossible, but in the Poleverse, this is nothing more than an average thing. This is achieved by allowing the constant "gn" for each dimension, where this "gn" constant when multiplied by normal speed, allows for negative speed, which allows antivibration.

Due to the more lax restrictions for particles, there are (obviously) more elementary particles here. Particles with antivibration that interact with another particle with antivibration go in the opposite direction that the antivibrating particles' normal counterparts would, and cancel out with particles that have similar string vibration but normal speed-wise (the more similar, the more they cancel out). However, reverse vibrating particles seem to have little use due to being unable to form atoms, but it has been used as shields.

Elementary particles with two color forces aren't only gluons. Instead, every elementary particle can have any possible combination of the six color forces, which are red, green, blue, antired, antigreen, and antiblue. Subatomic particles that normally have color force can also have no color force at all.

This allows for complex combinations of quarks, with more quarks than protons/neutrons, which also allows for more compact atoms and higher element numbers.


Elements can go up to number 100843 in this -verse. Elements can have the same amount of protons and neutrons, but less quarks than usual, due to the fact that protons can overlap from sharing quarks. A few materials can be made with reverse vibrating particles as well.


This substance is one of the darkest substances ever and is named after the ability to "rebel" against forces. It is a homogeneous mix of various reverse vibrating particles. It is immune to everything that isn't made of reverse particles (which is common due to the lack of usage in reverse particles), so it has been used in defense mechanisms.


This substance is "double rainbow" and is named after the ability to "reproduce". It consists of two megaparticles, each containing 50421 quarks. When a block of this falls on the ground, the two megaparticles split, releasing an immense amount of energy that causes the megaparticles to bond, squeezing them at a certain point of the megaparticle, only to split into two pieces from the energy, bond again, split again, and so on. This energy can easily destroy 1km per centimeter of material in 1 second if set up right. Cellium works especially effectively if the space is tube-like.

This substance was discovered by accident; it was discovered by using nuclear fusion with two blocks of Halfium. However, it needs to be put in an energy absorbing substance when produced (Nanotubium is used here), or it will immediately explode and destroy wherever it was made in.

Cellium has element number 100842.


Halfium is rainbow and unstable, and can easily fall apart. However, under special environments, this can be exploited to get a pair of Halfium atoms to connect, forming Cellium.

Halfium isn't as destructive as Cellium, despite the fact that Cellium is made of Halfium. It is harder and more dangerous to get it to explode to the extent of Cellium, due to the fact that the structure of Halfium requires more energy to get going, causing energy (and heat) to be wasted. The heat makes the Halfium atom shake around, and makes it waste kinetic energy, making it overall less explosive.

Halfium is element number 50421.


Nanotubium is a substance somewhat similar to carbon nanotube. However, this atom has a more efficient structure for withstanding force. It also automatically changes shape to cover the surface of a block of Nanotubium, and redirects all the energy all over the block. The bigger the block, the more effective this is.

Large and thick wrappers of this substance have been used to safely produce Cellium without explosions.

Nanotubium is element number 100843, so it is one of the elements after Cellium .

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