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Disclaimer: It is heavily encouraged to read the Chained Verse article before reading this one, as this article relies a fair amount on information about a Chained Verse.

The Policiahsewverse is a Level 3 Chained Verse which is chained to over 1,000,500,343 verses on The Table, making it the Chained Verse which is chained to the most number of verses ever found. Weirdly enough, the verses the Policiahsewverse is chained to are not other Chained Verses, and transmission only goes 1 way.

Dangers of the Policiahsewverse

The Policiahsewverse, as it is only a Level 3 Chained Verse, will have significantly less severe transmission effects, with only things with the same age, same state of matter, same shape, and same existence state being able to transmit information between verses/structures. Even if the "exact age" of a verse chained to the Policiahsewverse was rounded to 1 thousandth of a yoctosecond (in which all chained verses are), there would be no noticeable difference, as 1 thousandth of a yoctosecond is too small for meaningful changes to happen.

Still, the Policiahsewverse is monitored closely, as what happens in it could possibly happen in 10,000,000,000,000,500,343 other verses. Large time-manipulating machines surround the Policiahsewverse, and can slow down time or speed up time in order to successfully make sure that the Policiahsewverse does not cause any large-scale problems.


The Policiahsewverse was first discovered when a nomadic civilization accidentally found it. This nomadic civilization went inside the Policiahsewverse, but realized that it was pretty much just a normal verse/reality on The Table. Still, they brought some star havesters over, collecting much energy. They were about to leave when one of their star harvesters suddenly exploded, just right when over 540,340,001 star harvesters of the same model (likely created by a powerful civilization on The Table) were harvesting stars in the verses that the Policiahsewverse was chained to. This caused almost all of the other star harvesters to blow up, killing countless creatures.

This incident, now known as "The Chained Explosion", made creatures realize that this verse was special, as the chance of ~500 million star harvesters blowing up at the same time is insanely low, without some sort of special force. Further investigations occurred, and when another incident like The Chained Explosion occurred, the civilizations in the ~500 million verses in which the 2 events happened were evacuated from their verses for further testing to be conducted. After many wrong hypotheses and failed attempts at finding the true nature of the Policiahsewverse, the Policiahsewverse was found to be a Chained Verse.