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These self-containing particles are self-containing and make up all Primordial Particles. They were somehow created before the Primordial Particles even existed. They also naturally are attracted to each other, especially to low densities of particles.

Bond types

Normal bond: - (can be duplicated to indicate more bonds)

Bond to (a particle interrupted by X): {X}

Bond going back to the Xth particle listed in the compound: -[x] or {y}[x]

Examples of bonds

X going into Y with 1 bond, Z with 2 bonds = X(-Y,--Z)

Y and Z going into X, where Y goes in with one bond, and Z with two bonds: (Y-,Z--)X

()s are not needed if there is only one particle that the input is outputting to.

Types of particles

Logicium (Lo): If the logicium interrupts A, and the logicium is interrupted by B and has an input of C, then A will only consider inputs if B and C have the same output. Logicium can output true/false, although this output only exists in order to easily access information.

Matterium (M): If matterium is interrupted by A, and matterium has an input of B and outputs onto C, then matterium outputs onto C as if B inputted into A and outputted into C.

Energyium (E): If energyium inputs A, and outputs onto B, then energyium will add A as an input to all of B.

Timeium (T): If timeium interrupts A, and the timeium has an input of B, then it will wait (total number of particles in all inputs of the timeium) tinyseconds.

Spaceium (S): If spaceium has an input of A, and interrupts B, then A will be contained within B, and will contribute to B’s size. Otherwise, spaceium will teleport A from the input to the output.

Lifeium (Li): If lifeium interrupts A, then lifeium gives consciousness to A.

Nullium (N): This particle subtracts the input particle from the particle the nullium interrupts, even if an input particle’s property isn’t present in the interrupted particle’s property. This results in strange negatives sometimes.


(NOTICE: Formulas become a mess sometimes. As a result, /x\ will be a shorthand for x's formula, and x will directly refer to a particle injected into Matterium via using Spaceium.)

Primordial Compounds (created before time, and normally have simple and not very arbitrary effects and formulas. Primdorium Theta is not recognized by User:08dravennew due to being arbitrary.)

S(-S,-S,-S,-S...) where there can be any number of -S: Primordium Beta (β_x, where x is the number of -S): Puts a particle that touches the "input side" in multiple positions in once, causing strange situations and property splitting. Large scale "reality splitting machines" have been used in order to mass-produce Cetaverses and other structures.

(S-,S-,S-,S-...)S where there can be any number of S-: Primordium Zeta (ζ_x, where x is the number of S-): Merges multiple particles that touch the "input side" into one. A good way to get particles out of limbo by merging multiple possible properties into one unified property.

f(x) but the first [1] is replaced with E, where f(0) = {[1]{Li}[1]}M, and f(x) = {f(x-1){Li}f(x-1)}M: Primordium Delta (Δ_x): A particle found in god-like beings. The bigger the x, the stronger the Primordium Delta is, but it will also take up more space.

/β_x\-/ζ_2\: Primordium Sigma (Σ_x): Basically Karma if it was matter.

S(-S-N,-S-N,-S-N,-S-N...)-/Rc_x\ where there are y -S-Ns: Primordium Omega (Ω_x_y): Matter that consumes energy as "food".

Ω_x_y-N-/Δ_z\: Primordium Alpha (A_x_y_z): The opposite of Primordium Omega. Instead of absorbing, it produces positive effects.

/Ω_x_y\(-E,-E,-E...) with z -Es: Primordium Phi (P_x_y_z): A glitchy substance that turns any substance it touches into a version with a lower "z" of itself.

Semi-Primordial Compounds (created after time, but have properties similar to Primordial Compounds)

S-S-S-S...-[1] where there can be any number of S: Nulllocation Micromachine (Nlmm_x, where x is the number of S): Particles injected into the Spaceium particles within here cannot be located due to being stuck in an endless loop of teleportation. The only way you can read/write to the particles within is direct access to The Core of Everything or by using Reality Combiners to force the output to be defined, as simply breaking the loop of teleportation still leaves the issue that there is never an "ultimate output", leaving to an undefined output. This unique property has been exploited in order to nigh-destroy stuff.

N-S-N-S...-[1] where there can be any number of -N-S: Nullnull Micromachine (Nnmm_x, where x is the number of -N-S): Particles injected into the Spaceium particles within here are in a limbo state of both being the empty space around the particle and the particle itself due to a loop. Because of this, glitchy and nonsensical existance states like imaginary existence states can be created with ease due to points getting stuck in a loop of having and not having a property, allowing for some pretty strange structures. They can be used to "exceed" Binaryfields in a way.

Other Compounds (do not meet any of the arbitrary critiera to be Semi-Primordial or Primordial)

E-/Nlmn_x\-E-/Nlmn_x\-E-/Nlmn_x\-E-/Nlmn_x\... where X can be any number and y is the number of times the formula is repeated: String (St_x_y, where x and y are specified): Strings from String Theory that have different properties depending on their vibration state.