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It contains every type of barrel possible and impossible. Its dimension is beyond what omnibeings can imagine. If you touchie one, you will die from a message saying “NO TOUCHIE.” This is the most feared message in the cetaverse. It is inescapable.


  • Layer 0 - barrelplockplex
  • Layer 1 - The main interior. It has most of the verses.
  • Layer 2 - Nothingness and void. If you enter this void, you are erased.
  • Layer 3 - Still nothingness mostly, but there are some stars and planets. You aren’t erased if you enter this one.
  • Layer 4 - This contains a bunch of Barrelplockplexes. Other than that, it has the same stuff as layer 3.
  • Layer 5 - This layer is a huge solid unbreakable wall.
  • Layer 6 - This is void that changes your existence rank to 0.
  • Layer 7 - a copy of layer 5. Is the edge of the prime barrel.