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Primordium Delta (also called Δ particles) are the most rare particle type excluding ·, every 1 in an octillion particles is a Δ particle, with very rare exceptions. It has divine properties and god like beings are usually based out of it like how humans are based out of carbon. Pure 'Δ particle' matter is referred to as 'Primordium Delta', The Primordialverse and The Primordial are entirely made of Primordium Delta (excluding the pocket universes within the Primordialverse)

Raw 'Primordium Delta' is seen as glowing vibrantly in many colours chaotically, touching it is about as smart as touching Glitch Matter, as you will dissasemble into your basic particles and have them converted into the matter as well.

Δ particles, seems to have some form of intelligence, even by itself. While the other particles (Α particles, Σ particles and Ω particles) do show signs of intelligence as well, it is not nearly as much as Δ particles.

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