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A Property Eraser is a type of entity that will turn a verse into an Arbitraryverse.

A Property Eraser will take longer to turn a verse into an Arbitraryverse depending on the size and general attributes of the verse. End-Be-All verses are the easiest to corrupt and only take about a few seconds to be turned into an Arbitraryverse. Verses with almost no properties and attributes, such as Protoverses, are the hardest to corrupt, and can take up to over 100 OYC.

The Combine Operation

A Property Eraser will apply a specific operation onto a verse over and over again until it completely breaks apart. this rule is known as the Combine Operation.

If the Combine Operation is applied onto a verse, the verse will have each one of its properties be affected by every other property. Due to almost all properties not being able to directly interact with each other and a very vague description, this breaks the verse entirely, turning it into an Arbitraryverse.


Property Erasers do not have a true form, and are shapeshifters. Using their shapeshifting powers to blend into the rest of the cosmic entities, they will use this to hide from entities actively trying to kill them.