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Up until 'recently', everyone thought that Blueprint Particles were the first things possible, as they were the elementary particles. They are so simple that they just make up absolutely everything in Unireality. However, those particles could be made by higher realities.

Protoparticles make up the first possible Protorealities, causing it to be at a level that surpasses Blueprint Particles. They are thought to be the Blueprint Particle of things outside of Alphasms and Physical Realms, as Blueprint Particles can only go so far.

The only kind of Forcers that exist in Protorealities are specialized for small-scale entities, who can't easily hold ·s in position. Because of that, Protorealities have a chaotic arrangement of ·s and s, later becoming a chaotic tree of lower-level Archrealities after the beginning. Infinite ⬤s remains, but not ·s, as all ·s became ⬤s.


Protoparticles were formed when 2 ·s collide each other, each come with paradoxical forces, which swaps the effect of property and blank forces continuously. Without strong blank forces coming from ○s, this causes a infinite-sized boom of infinite, random s. Simultaneously, ○s overwrite the blank forces, and paradoxical forces randomize the property forces. Finally, they will eventually be transformed into random kinds of Blueprint Particles.

This also causes the formation of Protorealities.


Protoparticles have random properties instead of properties found in our Unireality, given by a chaos of infinite s, and thus, have different kinds of Blueprint Particles. Some make dimensionality properties that share with other realities. As you dive deeper through Archrealities, properties will be stabilized.

Protoparticles also come with rogue ·s, as rare ·s were transformed during the formation process, due to unstable paradoxical forces.


Protoparticles are currently undiscovered yet. From ours, we couldn't visualize everything beyond our Unireality. The 2nd Realm creatures found a way to discover Subrealities during a unknown expedition, but they are finding a level below Subrealities yet.


  • It is thought that Protoparticles are the first things in the Novachain, causing this object to be classified as Class 0, and placing it between the Forcers and ·s.
  • In May 14th, 2021, Googleaarex realized existence ranks can be broken down by Existence Blueprint Particles, declaring that Protoparticles are currently the lowest level of objects yet.
    • 4 days later, this has been beaten by the appearance of Subexistions.
    • In 6/24/21, Subexistions have moved into a level between ⬤s and Blueprint Particles, titling the Forcers as "the lowest-level objects yet."

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