Up until recently, everyone thought that Blueprint Particles were the simpliest things possible, as they were the elementary particles. They are so simple that they just make up absolutely everything in Unireality. However, those particles could be made by smaller Subrealities.

Protoparticles make up the lowest level of Prime Archreality possible, causing it to be extremely tiny at a level that surpasses Blueprint Particles. They are thought to be the Blueprint Particle of things outside of all Alphasms, as Blueprint Particles can only go so far.

Protoparticles are currently undiscovered yet. From ours, we couldn't visualize everything below Protoverses, as it sets the microscopic limit of Protoscopes. The 2nd Realm creatures found a way to discover Subrealities during a unknown expedition, but they are finding a level below Subrealities yet.


  • In May 14th, 2021, Googleaarex realized existence ranks can be broken down by Existence Blueprint Particles, declaring that Protoparticles are currently the lowest level of objects yet.
    • 4 days later, this has been beaten by the appearance of Subexistions.


In the beginning of time, even before Protoparticles, there were Subexistions, made with different "subproperties" that make Existence Ranks up. Eventually, they share each power with each other to form ·s.

Then, they collide each other to form ⬤s, and the property forces and other "blank" forces turned them into the first-ever Blueprint Particles, dubbing Protoparticles.


With different types of forces, Property and Function Protoparticles were made first. Meanwhile, there are still ·s remain from the existence. There was a time where ·s and ○s collide with ⬤s and ○s during the formation of other ⬤s. Eventually, those Protoparticles were pushed down to a subreality made by those ⬤s.

The Hierarchy of Everything
(general overview, see The Official Hierarchy, The Alternate Hierarchy, The Extended Hierarchy, etc. for a more in depth overview)
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The hierarchy of absolutely ₜᵢₙᵧ objects - The Official Hierarchy - The Extended Hierarchy

Physical Realms (Realmic Stripes) - Archrealities (Protoparticles, Inanes)

The Novachain

Nothing - The Hierarchy Hierarchy - Reality - The Structure of Everything

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