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Protospatial particles are a kind of Uqraek particle, all connecting with the body of Uqraek fiber.

Protospatial particles always get excited and vibrated when S-qraek particles interact with them. Excited ones get a superposition for spacetime and microdimensions, and their existence ranks get computed. They also get a capability of spacetime occupation, internal energies, and external forces.

But Protospatial particles never work when one existence Blueprint Particle isn't fully composed. (as Subexistion particles haven't entirely merged yet)

Although other exotic particles for different existence ranks were discovered, there is a naming scheme that each one should end with either "iroto" or "proto" for naming.


There are 2 significant kinds of Protospatial particles that can form the Box, which are Protoverses and Nullirotos. They have a base composition of a icosahedron made of Blueprint Particles, but connected differently.

Protoverses have an existence-1 Blueprint Particle at the center, that is fully green, and is connected with all other Blueprint Particles.

In the other hand, Nullirotos have a more complex composition. They have same composition as Protoverses, but each Blueprint Particle is also connected with an existence-0 Blueprint Particle.

List of Protospatial particles

All compositions of all kinds come with a base icosahedron, that is significantly important for forces when connected with different Blueprint Particles. Each vertex is just a single Blueprint Particle. No Protospatial particles are required to compute Null existence.

Protospatial particles
Existence Rank Name Structure + Combination
1 (existence) Protoverse (Pvps) Each one connected with same existence-1 blueprint particle at the center.
0 (nonexistence) Nulliroto (Nps) Same as Protoverse, but each one is connected with a existence-0 blueprint particle at a really dark shade of "green."
0.5 (semiexistence) ∅ (Fractional) Equal amounts of Nps + Pvps
2 (superexistence) Metaproto (Mtps) Contains 2 half-icosahedrons with a Blueprint Particle for each dot, all connected with some Existence-0 Blueprint Particles and many Existence-1 Blueprint Particles at the center.
3 (ultraexistence) Cetaproto (Ctps) This seems to be a complex structure, but it contains exactly 60 blueprint particles of any kind.
4 ∅ (Acic Field phenomenon) Due to Acic Field phenomenon to existence-5, making this kind of existence is really hard to make, but remain undiscovered.
5 ∅ (Acic Field phenomenon) Undiscovered due to a Acic Field phenomenon to existence-4.
-1 (subexistence) ∅ (Acic Field phenomenon) Undiscovered due to a Acic Field phenomenon to existence-(-2).
-0.5 (sub-semiexistence) ∅ (Fractional) Due to no subexistence kind, it actually contains more than 2 kinds.
∅ (Unnecessary) Just a empty placement.

Fractional / Acic Ranks

Fractional existence ranks never have a single type of Protospatial particles, but can have multiple types. One infamous example is having the equal amount of Protoverses and Nullirotos for semiexistence, although it is only the discovered one.

There is a phenomenon that integer existence ranks can't contain a single type if they have attractions for Acic Fields.

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