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Protoverses are infinitely small verses, which are the beginning of every single verse in our local Omniverse. Basically they go Big Bang to form new Universes with its own unique laws (dependent on which Multiverse it is located in), by getting collided with Chaos particles at the center of a gravitational singularity. They can be found everywhere, and can be moved anywhere through everything.

Nearly every verse, regardless of its degree of alienness, has the Protoverse as its starting seed. It is also one of elementary building blocks of existence. Even phenomena such as internal energy in any verse is partially or entirely made out of highly excited Protoverses of strange and extreme properties.

The Protoverse is not a verse in the same fashion as verses are verses, but rather because it adheres to many conditions that verses fall under. The Protoverse has a force field as its surface, with which it interacts with other Protoverses, and has its own set of laws, which are few numbered.

Protoverses seem to be constructed with a icosahedron shape consisting with Blueprint Particles from those points, connecting with a single, white Existence-1 Blueprint Particle at the center. Therefore, it is one of the main protospatial particle types, only residing with the nonexistence variant, Nulliroto.

⎊ Null class (-1) ⎊ <- ∅ Protoclass (0) ∅ -> ۞ Starter Class (1) ۞
Main Chain

Protoverse -> Uqraek fiber -> String -> Quark -> Proton -> Atom -> Star -> Galaxy

Protoverse, Primordium Particles -> Uqraek fiber -> String ->
Quark, Lepton, Neutrino, Boson ->
Proton, Neutron -> Atom ->
Planet -> Star -> Galaxy

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