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This verse contains mostly just puppets. Since it is just puppets, this verse is considered an artificial verse, but people visit it a lot because it contains the Rockverse.


The reason this was made is because the people in the Coolverse wanted to make an artificial universe, being their biggest challenge yet. They managed to do it with puppets, making the planets puppets, and everything inside it puppets. It is the third largest artificial verse ever, and it is visited a lot. Mostly because of the Rockverse.


The planets are simply made using Coolverse technology as well as Croene, but they are string puppets. The stars are made using car fuel, and they are also string puppets. These form galaxies, but galaxies are invisible in this universe.

The moons and asteroids are actually like hand puppets, because these moons and asteroids orbit around the planets or stars and are moved using motors. The moons and asteroids are made using rock from the Coolverse.


The fact that there was car fuel and rock in there made a chemical reaction that made the sticky stone to create the Rockverse. After the Rockverse was made, this verse was becoming more popular because more interdimensional living things wanted to visit the Rockverse, but some people who went to the Rockverse decided to stay here as well, and it is certainly interesting, and the Rockverse has put a good impact on this verse.

Car fuel stars

Since car fuel is not solid, it was difficult to make the stars out of it. Here is how it was done.

4D surface is great for getting special spaces needed to make some things. The Coolverse has a special type of flame that goes in four dimensions that can make a gas hot but also change it to solid. This changed the car fuel to a heated solid, which has some strange properties. Firstly, if you put coal on it, both the coal and the solid will turn orange or red. Also, heating it once more will not change its state, but it will put a flame on it. Doing both of these will give a solid star. The last thing to do was to use fireproof surfaces to remove the car fuel solid from the star which will leave a bit of gas behind. This creates the star, which is shown here. It is not perfect, but it is artificial.

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