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The Purple Ring is the 6th Ring in the Ring series. It follows the Orange Ring. The Purple Ring ranks a Purple on the Kardeshev scale (although, 2.6% of the time (3.9% in the outer sections), it ranks a Violet due to it's instability). It is under the control of the Purple Ring Organization.

The Purple Ring usually has the taste of grapes and the smell of purple paintbrushes. However, on 1.3% (1.95% in the outer sections) of tastes/sniffs, the Purple Ring will instead taste of eggplants and smell of violet paintbrushes, due to its instability.

Like every ring so far, the Purple Ring contains a Guardian at its center, which was once attacked by the 5 Guardians of the previous Ring. The battle nearly resulted in the slaying of the Purple, Green, and Blue Guardians. The attack was unsuccessful, due in part to the Purple Ring Organization assisting in defending their Guardian.

The Purple Ring the 3rd unstable ring, even more so than the Yellow and Orange Rings. Approximately every 1157.05 days, 10 to 25 Orange Rings are ejected from the Purple Ring due to it's instability. Due to the size difference between the Purple and Orange Rings, this is still a somewhat trivial problem. The outer edges of the Purple Ring (the actual "ring") is even more unstable, with 15 to 37 rings being ejected every 250.025 days.

If the Guardian of the Purple Ring is pleased, the amount of Rings ejected will decrease by 2 to 3 (3 to 5 in the outer sections), and the frequency will be increased to 750.75 days per ejection (375.0375 days in the outer section). Nothing seems to happen when the Guardian is displeased, and those figures will remain as they are when the Guardian is feeling neutral. Due to this, while it is still a minimal issue, the Purple Ring Organization generally tries to keep the Guardian of the Purple Ring happy.

Note: Despite the fact that the Purple Ring appears to be made out of lightning, do not attempt to harness the Purple Ring, all of your personal possessions will catch on fire that will be impossible to put out, as one scientist did in an attempt to find a better source of energy for his Verse.

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