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The Quadrilliquadquinquagintaquagentilliverse is a universe past the Quadrillitrequinquagintaquagentilliverse at a total of 2.346 x 10^10^10^64 Yottaparsecs. It is located in the 716 Dimension at the top left of the Quadrilliquinquinquagintaquagentilliverse. Scientists say that this is the smallest dimension with a star bigger than the Multiverse. The largest goes to the Septillinovemquinvingintiquagentilliverse. This universe also holds the Yottabarrel^10934028.


  • This verse is named after the number Quadrilliquadquinquagintaquagentillion, which is 10^13365.
  • This verse won an interversal World Record for the longest name of a dimension under 10^30003 (Decillinillion, or the Decillinilliverse)