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{{Verse|dimensionality = <math>5 \times 10^i</math>|size = <math>5.55 \times 100^{7,332,343,534,549}</math> + [[Randomuser66's Space Bottle]]|kardashev = |location = [[Quintiroulsidonverse]]|contents = [[Randomuser66's Space Bottle]]|image = Tenor-0.gif}}
{{Verse|dimensionality = <math>5 \times 10^i</math>|size = <math>5.55 \times 100^{7,332,343,534,549}</math> + [[Randomuser66's Space Bottle]]|kardashev = |location = [[Quintiroulsidonverse]]|contents = [[The Chabinet]] and [[Randomuser66's Space Bottle]]|image = Tenor-0.gif}}
== How time works in this dimension ==
== How time works in this dimension ==

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How time works in this dimension

Time works differently in this dimension, it works like this. The equation is: T = D + M - T + -i | T = Time | D = Dimension | M = Mass (of universe) | i = imaginary | Because of this, time is warped, and more. This causes it to reverse to the start of it when the verse has a lot of sides. The equation for this is: T + D = i + -T | That equation is important, looks easy, but not easy to figure out.

What does this dimension look like?

This verse looks like well, in the picture. But there is something different. It actually looks likes well, we don't know right now what it looks like, so this topic is kinda weird. We have ideas for it though. But that is for a different topic. Well not really though.

What shape is the Quadtiroulsidonverse?

The shape of the Quadtiroulsidonverse is a self-repeating fractal, meaning that it is the same shape contained by itself an infinite amount of times. This would be impossible under normal standards, but the ABSOLUTE SIZE OF THIS LAD makes it possible.

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