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The Quarkverse is a verse full of quarks of various sizes. It was created when an Universe collided with the The Spaghetti Bridge, transforming matter into quarks and scattering quarks throughout size and structure. This verse's matter is 99% quarks, 0.09% gluons, and 0.01% leptons. The chunks that have leptons typically have long polymers, like some plastics and proteins, allowing life to form. Also, there are more than 6 color forces here. There are over 1 googol color forces in this -verse, and each of them has unique interactions with other color forces.

Some life has managed to harvest various flavors of quarks in order to make a "physics gun".  This works by shooting certain types of gluons/quarks at an object to attract/repel it. The quarks/gluons are usually the size of a egg, so they can attract/repel pretty far.

A really giant quark/gluon has been found in the Quarkverse, and it has been used by Quarkversians to propel themself out to the Teraverse.

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