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What is the Quintiroulsidonverse?

The Quintiroulsidonverse is just the Quadtiroulsidonverse exactly for some reason. There is a different dimension though, it is weird. We will talk about it later.

What is the dimension like for a human?

The dimension is well, it is like a mirror but it's not. The dimension is like a sphere for some reason. But everything that exists, well does not exist, so if you try to go inside you would not exist unless you were fake and you are not fake nothing is fake. Nothing can be in here unless if you do you do space time will loop and of course you will be in Verseuni.

Does time work like in Quadtiroulsidonverse?

It might or might not but it is not known for well forever. Because you go to Verseuni instantly it is not known. So this is the end of the thing but we know one thing though, By looking at it (because the Quadtiroulsidon verse is weird and you can see it) it looks like well, it does probably. So that is the real end for now.