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The QuirkVerse is a verse that is just a little bit bigger than a Multiverse. One in every 500 Multiverses will encounted a QuirkVerse via physical contact. It gives multiverses peculiar behavioural habits when it is near them.

What the QuirkVerse does to multiverses

When a QuirkVerse sticks to a multiverse, the QuirkVerse will be attracted by the multiverse and will form a bubble around it, changing both shape and size in the process so it is always 1.2 ly larger than the multiverse. After a few months, the QuirkVerse will begin to alter the properties of the multiverse. The properties it alters depend on the quantum fluctuations as well as the way it stuck to the multiverse in the first place. It can change a few things, or it can change a lot of things. These property alters include, but are not limited to:

Size changing

The QuirkVerse might change the size of the multiverse it is surrounding. When this happens, only the multiverse is changing size and the content in the multiverse just spaces apart. This alters universe orbits, stellar orbits and planetary orbits, as well as ruining the gravity for most celestial objects in the verse. If the multiverse has enough dimensions, it can cause some objects to move into a dimension that the Multiverse isn't in.


The QuirkVerse can alter the temperature of the multiverse, and it can really alter any state that the matter is in. It depends on the type of matter the multiverse contains.

Adding/removing content

Sometimes the QuirkVerse alters the content in the multiverse instead of the multiverse's properties. It can remove random atoms, molecules or ionic compounds in the multiverse, or it could add new ones. It happens much more frequently than it appears to the naked eye because usually the changes are undone by the laws of matter. However, occasionally, the added and removed matter is noticeable.

The arrangement of the universes

The QuirkVerse can technically alter the shape of the Multiverse, but since the Multiverse reverts back to its original state, the noticeable difference is altering the arrangement that the universes are in. From the perspective of inside one of these universes, it will feel as if unexpected small forces are happening, but this change doesn't affect much other than the order that the universes in the multiverse are placed, which doesn't matter in a typical multiverse without a QuirkVerse.

Probability of a QuirkVerse affecting in specific ways

Property change Probability of happening with an average QuirkVerse
Size changing 40%
Temperature/state of matter changing 34%
Adding content 56%
Removing content 53%
Arranging universes (changing multiverse shape) 32%
Other property changes 16%

How it sticks to the multiverses

There are three different ways a QuirkVerse can stick to a multiverse.


Sometimes, QuirkVerses has built-in electromagnets caused from the floating particles around it. If there are two or more electromagnets, their forces will oppose each other and cause it to float around the Multiverse, giving it the peculiar behavioural habit.

This formation typically lasts around 0.7 OYC due to the fact that it is extremely unstable. The properties it changes are typically cleaner because the QuirkVerse isn't touching the multiverse, but the changes tend to be more generic for the same reason.

Using universes

This method happening is fairly rare, but it happens when a QuirkVerse is near a multiverse and a Universe escapes the multiverse at the same time. Universes stick to QuirkVerses because of their particles bonding together, and this will stick the QuirkVerse to the Multiverse.

This formation will typically last only 0.12 OYC because universes are always moving. However, during the process of the QuirkVerse changing the multiverse's properties, it is the most stable type of formation. The changes will likely be related to the properties of the universe being used to attach the QuirkVerse, because the QuirkVerse takes signals from the escaping universe. During this process, the escaping Universe will slowly disintegrate, and if it is fully gone before the QuirkVerse leaves the multiverse, the QuirkVerse will become a complete copy of the removed universe. The contents of the transformed QuirkVerse will be as if the destroyed universe was in its complete form before the disintegration starts. The purple particles from the original QuirkVerse will still exist, but they won't be connected to the new universe.


The final cause for a QuirkVerse sticking to a multiverse is due to artificial bonds made by civilizations. These civilizations need to be gas, because they will need to expand and change shape to fit around the entire multiverse. While a QuirkVerse is near a Multiverse, a living thing can just insert devices into the multiverse, all simultaneously, and the QuirkVerse will stick to it.

Because of increasing and developing technology, this method can last up to 12 OYC, but it won't be very stable the entire time. The changes might also be unstable. For these reasons, artificial QuirkVerse technology is less common than the other formations because the property changes are very predictable and usually isn't worth the cost or effort of installing these devices, especially because of the dangers of doing it, both to the multiverse, the devices and the living thing installing the devices.



What happens after the QuirkVerse is disconnected

After the QuirkVerse is disconnected from the Multiverse, the Multiverse will immediately stop being altered and start obeying its laws of physics, but it will keep the state it was in previously. If anything in the multiverse at that time disobeys its laws, it will move into a state where it does obey its laws.

The QuirkVerse, however, will practically disappear, unless it was attached using an escaping universe. The purple particles around it will still exist, but they will be invisible and will soon change into a completely different type of energy for a completely different verse. While the QuirkVerse won't exist, it will still be in a different existence rank, and will also stay in the same position, so it will bounce around the Metaverse or Megaverse while not existing, until quantum fluctuations bring it back. It will be brought back in the same position as it was when it was in a different existence rank.

After the QuirkVerse is gone and the Multiverse is reverted back to its normal physics laws, everyone in the multiverse will hear Super Paper Mario OST for 2 months. This happens because it was the last thing that was ever altered using the Negationverse before severe enforcement laws were taken against altering reality using it. Before this happened, things altered in the Negationverse used to be undone immediately after they were altered, but since the enforcements happened directly after this was altered, there wasn't enough time to undo this, and everyone felt like music wasn't severe enough to risk removing enforcements to alter, so now everyone just hears music from Super Paper Mario after QuirkVerse incidents. The soundtrack chosen is truly random, and the same soundtrack loops for the entire 2 months.