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Quod Infinita is a huge cosmic structure that contains nearly everything in existence, including the VersesreV in it’s center. It is made mostly of liquids and gases, though there are some solid objects. There are no planets here, no stars, only Verses and black holes. Staying inside Quod Infinita for too long, even with protection, can lead to insanity and death.


On the very outside is a thin solid outline made out of a similar material to the one that makes up the Shreddedwheatverse’s outer border. This border is home to many a microorganism. Then, the next layer is just clouds of extremely heavy and radioactive gas. One time a meteor from Magma Central made it all the way here but was completely distentegrated upon entering these clouds. After that comes the main body or Quod Infinita, which is made of pink, very light but extremely radioactive liquids as well as the gases from before. There is a supermassive black hole on the left of this part, and the VersesreV is in the center.

The material that makes up Quod Infinita’s outer layer


Chunky Cheese’s house is in a fish tank on the gas layer of Quod Infinita.

Bongus likes to go swimming here.

There are also some fish, they’re pretty cool I guess.

An image of Quod Infinita’s main layer

A concentrated blob of gas from Quod Infinita.