Radioactive Chain

The Radioactive Chain is a chain of 4 verses with the first verse, the Hyperradioverse, having a chance to contain the second verse in the chain, the Megaradioverse. The 2nd verse in the chain then has a small chance to contain the 3rd verse in the chain, and so on.


Hyperradioverses are scattered around The Outside, and are filled with various Hyperradioactive Elements. The elements cannot decay here and must be taken into a Universe with the correct decay laws to be processed with a Hypernuclear Reactor. Approximately 13% of them contain a Megaradioverse, and less than 1% of them contain multiple.


Megaradioverses contain some of the higher Hyperradioactive Elements. They are rarely found within a Hyperradioverse, and have a 3% chance to contain a Ultraradioverse, and less than 0.004% contain multiple.


Ultraradioverses are very rarely found within Megaradioverses. They contain the super-high levels of Hyperradioactive Elements. They have a 0.2% chance of containing a Omegaradioverse, and a 0.0000007% chance of containing multiple.


A insanely rare verse that contains some of the super-higher-level Hyperradioactive Elements. They are extremely rarely found in Ultraradioverses.

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