Rainbowish mason

Rainbowish Mazon.jpg

Friendly reminder

This is pure fiction, and made for fiction and fun sake only, pls respect the wiki, and pls make wiki pages that actually makes scientific sense. This is not supposed to be a toxic community. Also if you want to check Adventure Chaos stuff, pls google it. And remember The Zueira never ends

The Stuff

Rainbowish Mazon.jpg is an undimensional_binary-pocket_dimension full of errors, such as glitches, glitched dimensionality,irrational dimensionality,pizza dimensionality,quaternality negative dimensionality, undereal engines, pesky dimension travellers such as Dinan's brother,CRW,anti-lootboxes. It also contains several loopholes, portable, a really flirty girl, the essence of art, the essence of dual-wielding, blackholes,time anomalies,binary anomalies,white holes, and a really smol puppy.It's found. around the simulation, and Ink ports the portable hole to enter there. In this place you can destroy things as you want, and really paint that rule34 you were thinking of. Ink besides staying in the Happy Ever After city in her room, likes to come here to test her ink quasars.Ink revolved the Rainbowish Mazon with a timeless quantum barrier, which alows her to link her room to this place, and keep outside time-space. No one knows this place other than herself and she farms score here

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