Larger Universe (3D).png

The Rajackaskwadaverse is a large verse made of metal and gas. It has no temperature, it makes no sound.

All of the materials in this verse are either metal or gas. Each form can be combined and separated at will, and they are very sticky but detach easily.


The core is made of only metal instead of metal and gas like the rest of the verse is. This makes the core stronger and more solid since it doesn't have any gas.


The surface, on the other hand, only has gas and no metal, making it feel less solid and more like a surface. This makes it easy to go into.

About the verse

The verse has been a hit on interversal media with people posting the same picture of a universe over and over and calling it a Rajackaskwadaverse, making many people believe that the universe is the actual picture of the Rajackaskwadaverse.

its not.

The colours

It can be grey or it can be green. Those are the only two colours on this verse, due to the only materials being metal and gas. If you bring anything else into this verse that isn't conscious, it will turn into metal or gas.

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