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Reality can mean many things. There are many definitions for what reality is. Here are a few ones.

Definition Compatible with Contained by
Reality is everything that exists Omniverse The Box, The Outside
Reality is everything that exists or not The Box The Clock, The Brox, Cetaverse
Reality is everything that has Existence Rank of 1 or greater Time and reality Time, Reality, and... The Other Thing
Reality is a single timeline Time and reality Time, Reality, and... The Other Thing
Reality is a single Realm All Physical Realms Higher H(2) dimensions
Reality is consisted of Blueprint Particles, which build everything up, like an advanced lifeform. Archreality The First Realm
Reality is consisted of ultimate building blocks, that explains how everything was made. End-all-be-all objects, and therefore, invalid. Dependent on which building block you choose.
Reality has the most permutations as possible Illogical definition due to Berry's Paradox.
Reality is EVERYTHING. Illogical definition due to Berry's Paradox.

The Hierarchy of Everything
Class 2
Metaboxial Structures:
Omnipyramid - The Omni Chain THE atom - The Infinite Everything - Knathsuperverse - Kolmnasuperverse - Altahsuperverse - The Great Superpentagon - Ujkasuperverse - Bhatsuperverse - Ghuipsuperverse - Terminal Icosahedron
THE galaxy - Kappahyperverse - Upsilonhyperverse - Gammahyperverse - Icosahyperverse - Arkahyperverse - Ghayahyperverse - Terminal Rhombicuboctahedron - THE light beam
Iotaultraverse - Arkthaultraverse - Hakarultraverse - The Ultra Black - Nullainterparesultraverse - Perpendicularultraverse - Actual Realm - THE black circle
Øpałatyœñ - Ťāzræŵo - Taparék - THE Qwerty - Tyažonteraverse - Pas̀kateraverse - Zatàteraverse - Ẍakkateraverse - Ÿanateraverse - Ŵasàteraverse - Terminal Thing
THE Floating Ƕ - Nìllaxettaverse - Dimanttxettaverse - Merkuriumxettaverse - Orbitalexettaverse - Gradientxettaverse - Jadrkexettaverse - Terminal Truncated Rhombicuboctahedron
THE red square - Asimagoymaverse - Nalkgoymaverse - Klaçagoymaverse - Bsëteagoymaverse - Rolmeegoymaverse - Pœliuxgoymaverse - Terminal Terminal Icosahedron
THE near end - Haggafëllxverse - Ytayafëllxverse - Pakafëllxverse
Å - The Last Verse - The Last Plane - The Last Void

The hierarchy of absolutely ₜᵢₙᵧ objects - The Official Hierarchy - The Extended Hierarchy

Physical Realms (Realmic Stripes) - Archrealities (Protoparticles, Inanes)

The Novachain

Nothing - The Hierarchy Hierarchy - Reality - The Structure of Everything