Reality is all, contains everything, and nothing, reality is the name for anything theorized, or known, reality is implausable, yet still exists by impossible odds, stringed together with quantum foam, reality will never cease, but it will never truly exist either, for something that never existed, reality becoming itself would seem to them (once they existed) like they were a blind human that had just awoken from complete darkness, and saw for the first time, ever. Only something real can exist in reality, except for in verses in which it is impossible to have something, or anything that is real, laws in this true realm, are impossible, but infinitely possible, nothing contradicts this, yet nothing compliments it either, nothing is nowhere, and everything is everywhere, anything is anywhere, and a borderline impossible complimentary is somenowhere. Negative, Positive, In, Out, Something, Nothing. Everything anywhere has always wondered why, and the answer is for another page, another day, There could be one more thing, something equal to this, but impossibly, ytilaeR may exist adjacent to Reality, but nothing knows, except for gnihtemoS in the theorized ytilaeR.

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