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Reality particles (Represented with 'τ') are any type of particle(s) that reside within a certain verse. A certain verse will have different types of particles based on what type(s) the verse 'allows', if a 'non-allowed' type enters the verse or is created within it, said particle will be erased, AKA have its Primordium Particles. These particles must contain at least one Σ particle or Δ particle, and must also contain at least one Δ particle or Ω particle, these particles must contain at least 3 Primordium Particles (particles which contain Primordium Particles which follow those rules are also allowed). Certain reality particles have slightly different Existence Ranks, a purely neutral particle has exactly an existence rank of 1, the more negative a particle, it will be very slightly lower, the more positive a particle, it will be very slightly higher. Meaning that the Omniverse almost only uses STRING MATTER.

Not all verses need to have Reality Particles, such as the Skopwabshaverse.


Positive Particles

-ΜIRROR PARTICLE (Found in Mirrorverse): Ι+γ, can link to other verse

-ƱӺҤ (Found in Ѫʊӌҥұ-Ӿђҥ Ӌʌӽʊӌ): 9A+H, pronounced "Bltyntp

COLOR PARTICLE (Found in The Infinite Colors): α + 9A + 5ϰ, in reaction with STRING MATTER (In a verse they are both compatible with), it can cause photons to generate any colour within the electromagnetic spectrum.

Neutral Particles

-STRING (Found in Most verses): 2Α+Σ+2Ω, notable for it's ability to vibrate creating other particles

-ѢѪꞍӾӾ (Found in Ѫʊӌҥұ-Ӿђҥ Ӌʌӽʊӌ): 6Α+Σ+Δ+2A+8Ω, pronounced "Tnyjtvkgtktk".

Negative Particles

-VOID PARTICLE (Found in Most Voids): 3Ω+Σ+3Ω

-ЖɅҔ (Found in Ѫʊӌҥұ-Ӿђҥ Ӌʌӽʊӌ): 12Ω+Δ

-ERROR Particle (Found in many glitchy verses): 300Φ+2000H+40∅

Adder Particles

Adder Particles are not classified as Reality Particles and are smaller particles witch can latch on to the other Reality Particles to alter it (other adder particles can latch onto others to form bands), only 1 is type per verse, however others may enter the verse without being disassembled. They must be a combination of 1 Primordium Sigma particle, and 1 other Primordium Particle. So the Adder Particles a verse can have is: 6

- Isychros Matter - Ι, Verses with this are called 'Neutrally Stable'

- Light Matter - γ, Verses with this are called 'Positively Unstable'

- Primordium Sigma - Σ, Verses with this are also called 'Neutrally Unstable'

- Hell Matter - H, Verses with this are called 'Negatively Unstable', or much more commonly, 'AN ABSOLUTE HELL!!!'

- Etratyruatic Particle - E, Verses with this are called 'Very Negatively Unstable', or way more commonly, 'AN ABSOLUTE DEATH REALM!!'

Normal Universes, for example, have light matter or Primordium Sigma, if light matter latches on to a string on the Alpha side of the particle then it will become a photon, if it latches onto the omega side then it will become Dark Matter, Any 'Unstable' verse is able to move or exert energy, this is almost all verses in existence.

A 'Stable' verse is unable to exert energy, or move in general, an Anchorverse and the Stableverse is a good example of these verses.

For a verse to be Positively Unstable, it means it is a normal, standard verse, they are so common that the Omniverse only contains Positively Stable and Neutrally Stable verses.

A Neutrally Stable verse is similar to a Positively stable but with much less activity, there is not enough energy and movement for any life to get going without outside disruptions from high class civilisations.

Negatively unstable verses are filled with the horrifying 'Hell Matter', most of these universes' reality particles decay away and all that is left is the corruptive and unlivable Hell Particles. BEYOND HELL is a good example of these verses.