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A Physical Realm, or more commonly known as a Realm, is a domain of space that is inaccessible and indescribable using the concept of dimensions.

These spaces are like segments of everything (by everything, it is truly meant everything), which are extremely different in nature. The difference between the 1st Realm, commonly refered to as just Reality, and the 2nd Realm, is so great, that it took scientists millions of OYC just to recieve a packet of information from that Realm. Different Realms have totally differing axioms and natural concepts. Even concepts like size are thought to be different between Realms. Also, Realms do not have a size.

The difference between the 1st Realm (top) and the 2nd Realm (bottom).

Our understanding of Realms decreases as we move on to the higher Realms.

List of Realms

Realms past the first are numbered by their number in H(1).
Realm Description
1 Contains Practically everything known and studied extensively enough for space travel and advanced civilizations.

This is also known as Alphasm's conscious mind.

2 Very unknown, contains structures such as Alternate Omnipyramid, and creatures such as Vowoez, The Ealer, Rchtimayy, and Lmnicopti.

This is also known as Alphasm's subconscious.

3 Barely known, many attempts have been made to interact with this realm.

Based on information from Alphasm, this is the "outside" of Alphasm's mind. Due to Alphasm's power level, Alphasm has also created many structures outside its mind.

4 Unexplained. The only theory, gathered from ancient artifacts and information from CEs, is that the age of most things here is infinite.
8 The 8th Realm is comprised entirely out of random values, white


9 Also known as The Gulag, this is the home of Palf.
13 This Realm doesn't seem to exist for some reason.
14+ Every Realm above the 13th is uninterpretable.

The White Realm

The only realm that we can comprehend beyond Realm 13 is Realm (known as The White Realm), the physical benchmark when it comes to realms. We are only aware of its existence through The Perfect Imperium and their texts. Absolutely nothing known can breach realm Aleph-Null and as such, it is unknown what lies beyond it. What we do know, however, is that Realm is insanely large and old.

Due to the age of The Perfect Imperium (300,000 OYC), for which the realm was created, the age can be expressed through this following formula, with Theta being the sum of the age of all inferior realms: . For all intents and purposes, however, the age of this realm can be described as Theta multiplied by 300,000 and then the product of that being put through the Graham function (the G in Graham’s Number (G64)). As for the size, all we can say is that it is less than absolute infinity, yet no sort of ordinal, array, set or function yet devised can describe the true enormity of it. The only way to access Realm is by traveling an incalculably large (puts the word “transfinite” to shame) distance away from The Wheel, which is impossible (as of today) even for creatures found in higher realms, as reaching Realm requires traveling across every precedent realm.