What is Wikia?

The Realm of Wikia is a multi-faceted reality that contains a finite, but exponentially increasing amount of concepts. The facet that I will be focusing on mainly is the Alldimensions. The Realm of Wikia is inhabited by beings called ‘The Users’. The Users that created Alldimensions are responsible for nearly all cosmic conceptions, like the gods, higher beings, parallel universes, hyper dimensional shapes, etc. The Realm of Wikia is only reachable by The Users, absolutely nothing else can ever come to Wikia, unless a User creates a being that is allowed to do so. The only being in existence that can reach the Realm of Wikia is the Lord of Walls.

What are The Users?

The Users are beings of absolute creation. They have the ability to conceive anything through the power of their minds. Everything that exists outside of their universe is their creation, even the gods themselves. Despite their power, The Users did NOT create their own universe, nor did they create themselves, they do not know where they came from or if there was any meaning for their creation. They can only create things that did not exist in their universe, which means they can’t create another User by will, nor can they cannot replicate their own universe, or anything within that universe.

The Infinity-time paradox

The Users are notorious for their infinity-time creations, they cause so many paradoxes because of this but of course this doesn’t stop them. The infinity-time paradox occurs when a User creates something so far beyond the fabric of their reality that it exists before it was conceived. The Box is an example of this phenomenon, the User that created the box claimed that all concepts exist inside the box, even the outside of the box exists inside, because conception can only exist within it. This is a paradox because that would mean that The Users created an object that created them because they created it, but without that creation they could not exist. These infinity-time paradoxes give The Users their notoriety because the paradoxes can rip the fabric of reality if they are too unstable.

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