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The Red Ring is the second ring after and arch-nemesis of the Blue Ring. It contains all parallel Bandiverses and people who can make Red Rings are able to spawn up to The Existences at a time at will. Loved by the Red Ring Cult, and hated by the Blue Ring Fellowship.

The Red Ring also tastes like cherries and smells like red ballpoint pen ink.

In the center of the Red Ring lies the Guardian of the Red Ring, similar to the Blue Ring. The Blue Ring is not in the center of the Red Ring, And the strength of the Guardian in a Ring(not any other shape, not even non existant shapes, etc)is directly proportional to the size of the ring, and most other properties, including how varient most varient properties are. The Guardian of a ring R is also the exact same size as the verse that its ring is containing.(For example, the Blue Ring Guardian is the exact same size as a Bandiverse).

A Ring R denies the existance of any other ring that is bigger than it,.

While inhabitants of the Red Ring and Blue Ring hate each other, they can definitely agree that a Green Ring is something that is physically impossible and goes against the laws of pretty much everything. The Green Ring's followers, the Green Ring Clan, who have, on various occasions, unleashed attack on both rings.

The inhabitants of the Red Ring and Blue Ring hate each for multiple reasons, such as "the color of my ring is better", "cults are dumb/fellowships are dumb", and especially their position in The Official Hierarchy, with the Red Ring being one step ahead of the Blue Ring. Attempts to expand the Blue Ring have been attempted by the Fellowship, but have, to say the least, failed miserably, similarly to their attempts to shrink the Red Ring.

Note: Do not, for any reason, attempt to paint the Red Ring a color other than red. Your paint will disappear, as one of our colleagues discovered the hard way.

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