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Rickroll verse is a Special type of verse that resides in the very middle of The Absolute Space, it is made out of infinite Rick Roll Particles this is where the soul of every being that gets rick-rolled goes to, and if you ever get rick rolled, you will feel something in your body disappear, then 12 seconds later you will start hallucinating, your ears will start ringing, you will start becoming dizzy, you will get nausea, then the last thing you will see is.. Rick Astley...


Rick rolling has been considered a meme since the beginning of existence, many now never knew the chaos that rick astley has caused, gods who existences since the beginning of time feared rick roll, and still do now.

It all started in earth #94,218,481, a singer known as “Rick Astley” released his new music video in July 27, 1987 known as “Never gonna give you up.” It was then 20 years later when Rick Rolling got popular, Rick Astley had no idea about it till in 2008, Rick was having a normal day in his house till a portal appeared right in front of him, then came out a blue neon figure who kidnapped rick and took him to the meme dimensions..

Rick was very confused what was going on, till the meme gods explained their plan, their plan was to corrupt the video, and make it so that anyone who watched the video will get their soul stolen and taken to a different dimension, now known as “rickroll verse”, then spread the video across the Omniverse, once they had enough Souls, they would use it to create the souls orb. Rick Astley not believing what was happening, disagreed and attempted to convince the meme gods to not go with their plan, the meme gods heard none of it and controlled Rick Astley’s mind, turning him evil, but there was still some good in his mind.

That same day, The Meme gods began corrupting the Rick Roll Video, and then thousands of souls began being stolen, till at one point almost every persons soul between the age of 8 and 24 were now gone, which is the reason why most Gamers today have no feelings. The Meme gods continued with their plan and started spreading the video to many other dimensions, trillions of souls were being stolen per second. Fortunately, The Hyper Dream took notice and then started fighting the meme gods, the hyper dream won easily, but two years later The Hyper Dream accidentally clicked on the rick roll video and then boom, his soul was lost, The Hyper Dreams soul was enough to revive all of the meme gods and make them far stronger then what they used to be.

After years, the meme gods were strong enough to spread the video all over existence, everyone started losing their souls, even the gods! Rick rolling became so popular that others used the same tactic as the meme gods, and started stealing souls that way, till The meme gods finally achieved their goal, they have gotten enough souls to fuse.. the souls orb, what was the use? The Meme gods wanted to use it, to revive the dank jar, who got killed in The Chaos Era.

After they had revived The Dank Jar, they started converting everyone into a meme, they went from a cool looking human to a 2-D face that cant say anything without their mouth making weird movements. Many gods tried to stop the meme gods, but they were too strong especially with The Dank Jar. So then they tried to convert Rick Astley into a meme, but he already was a meme, so what could of happened? When they tried to convert Rick Astley into a meme, he got a substantial power boost! Since he already was a meme, he was converted into a pure meme, which again gave him a power boost, a power boost so large that it made him stronger than the dank jar, then all the meme gods got slayed by Rick astley, and then everyone continued living their normal lives.. the end..

You thought that was the end? Rick Astley’s mind is still evil, therefor HE continued the meme gods plans but in a different way. Rick astley created a plague called the rick astley virus, and he released the virus and it converted everyone into rick astley, even the gods. Then the rick astley was had began! It was a war between rick astley clones and gods, the more gods killed, the more clones rick astley had, the more rick astley clones die, the more gods the other side had. At first it was a stalemate, till Gerald took action and ended the war immediately, Rick astley no long had his powers and no longer was evil, and he was taken back to Earth. And almost everybody’s soul was given back, except for gamers. Somehow nobody from Earth noticed a thing, they only noticed something disappearing from their stomach.

The End..................

1,000 years later, The Meme Gods were revived, but by who? They were revived by an ice cream man.