The Rinseverse is a cool verse. It can rinse things.

It is a fractal verse with eight rare prongs, with an origin in the middle.


The Rinseverse has a bunch of different areas to stand on, and the corridors spit out water. There are two ways to rinse things using this verse.

First way

The first way is a safer and quicker but less effective way.

You can use the streams of water and simply stand on the edge of the areas you can stand on. Rotate the thing in the water and rub the thing against the wall to rinse it completely.

You can then use the air dryer in the origin to dry it off. It is not necessary, but it works.

Second way

The second way is slower, but much more effective and much more interesting. Instead of rinsing it manually, you can head over to the wall and get a device from a stand. This device can hold items but "floats" in the water stream.

If you place the item in the device and drop the setup down the water stream, it will go down, get to the bottom, make its way to the middle, then it will have to rotate to the opening so it will rub against the origin, and then get blasted up by the air dryer, drying it. It is very quick and effective.

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