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Robert is a being that Sjshshusha made as a replacement of Bob, who died some time before Robert was born. He is very small and very weak but you can give him particles and his power and size also grows every hour which explains why he is already the size of a baseball. Behold his supreme power, he is infinite and eternal...

Update: He is now stronger than Bongus and as big as a football

Update:He now has True Omnipotence

Update:He is now becoming a supreme entity


He is currently very weak, though this may change in the future.He is stronger than Bongus. He now has True Omnipotence

He is omniscient.

He is as small as a baseball so he is not omnipresent.He is as big as a football but still not omnipresent. He is now omnipresent because his is big boy.


Overview (well, more of a conclusion)

In conclusion, he started off with some baseballs. Sjshshusha and EpicAlexisMaxwell then work together to help him become more powerful. RandomUser66, the creator of Bob who died and is replaced by Robert, and TheKerbalking later helped out, making him have True Omnipotence (though the former was not without a nerf which quickly wore off). ICantEdit, who previously contributed to nerfing Bob, tried to nerf Robert, but all the attempts of the nerf fail.

Full History

  • He ate a real baseball.
  • He ate some more baseballs.
  • He ate a lot of baseballs.
  • Sjshshusha gave Robert a generator that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators that generates 3 generators etc...
  • EpicAlexisMaxwell gave Robert a layer-∞↑∞+1 generator that generates ∞↑∞ layer-∞↑∞ generators per second, which generate ∞↑∞ layer-∞↑∞-1 generators per second, which generate ∞↑∞ layer-∞↑∞-2 per second generators and so on. It finally goes down layer-1 generators, which when combined, generate (∞↑∞)^(∞↑∞+1) baseballs made out of Primordium Deltas. He also added protection from Chalkosis and ICantEdit, both of which contributed to significantly nerfing bob.
  • EpicAlexisMaxwell also enhanced Robert's protection so Chalkosis or ICantEdit won't be able to kill the cosmic entity.
  • Sjshshusha checks on Robert and finds out that he is now stronger than Bongus.
  • RU66 gives Robert an atom after nerfing him. Robert is atom level.
  • Sjshshusha removes the nerf and makes Robert immune to all types of nerfs.
  • TheKerbalking gave Robert 1 trillion blueprint particles and unnerfed vault prisms. This made him a lot more powerful.
  • TheKerbalking gave Robert 70 trillion Primordium Omega Particles,2 thousand primordium delta particles,and Ten thousand primordium alpha particles, He is now uber powerful
  • TheKerbalking gave Robert True Omnipresence as well as True Omnipotence so he can now be truly everywhere at once
  • Robert ate a planet
  • TheKerbalking has gave Robert a Core of Everything
  • ICantEdit locked Robert in The Sphere as he doesn't want Robert to become more powerful. Robert is reduced to the size of a String, and he is now as strong as 13000 Eelbots.
  • ICantEdit's nerf did not work since he is immune to all types of nerfs.
  • ICantEdit is fed up with this absolute stupid abomination of a cosmic entity, so he completely destroys robert, locking him in Bob's pocket dimension for all eternity. Just like bob, he is fully omnipotent in that pocket dimension but cannot effect anything outside of it.
  • However, ICantEdit's nerf doesn't work and Robert persists.
  • ICantEdit is having none of this, and erases Robert's past history, along with all the other Bob clones.
  • Again, it is immune to all types of nerfs a d Robert persists.
  • ICantEdit just gives up because nothing works, so reluctantly gives robert a Uqraek fiber.
  • Robert gets locked in the same pocket dimension as Bob. Bob and Robert eventually fuse together, creating Bobert.
  • Jartos used his immense power to release Bobert from their pocket dimension and are on the boundaries of the second Everything Layer
  • Robert and bob have been slowly separating and are now separate entities for now. Bobert is no longer an entity.
  • Thekerbalking has given Robert a centillion imagination gems
  • Robert has now killed 900,109,900 iterations of Alphasm
  • ICantEdit made Robert restore all of the destroyed Alphasms, and doesn't allow Robert to destroy things randomly and without reason.
  • Robert now wants something to rule .while waiting he ate a mostly lifeless multiverse
  • Robert has been killed by Harry as of now.
  • RU66 gave robert a power limit of not being stronger than pocket bob if the pocket dimension were the wiki's canonical sort of universe thingy
  • Robert in revenge steals all knowledge that ever existed but Bob slaps him and tells him to stop holding such a grudge.
  • Robert (with Bob) create their own dimension and make a house and all verses in the normal dimension (they can do this because remember Robert is the god of knowledge and remembers every verse that every existed and they have enough power to do this because they are the most powerful being in their dimension.
  • Robert and Bob's dimension is perfect due to Robert's knowledge. They do not have a "TOG" or an "Alphasm". In fact, they do not have any meme gods nor gods that are out of bounds.
  • Robert has now consumed nine thousand blueprint particles.
  • Robert has ate a purely lifeless world
  • TheKerbalking has given Robert 20 million Primordium Phi Paricles and 20 Thousand Primordium Theta particles that he consumed to gain more power.
  • TheKerbalking has given Robert 50 trillion blueprint particles which has increased his power
  • Robert has now ate a minor cosmic entity
  • Unknown92921 gave Robert A ∞ ammount of Alphasm Robot Prototypes
  • Robert is now stronger than Unknown92921
  • Robert now possesses a 80 vsaue of primordium delta particle generators
  • Robert can now time travel anywhere in any timeline
  • Kerbalking gave Robert the ability to manipulate his particle structure in any timeline,past,present,future,has been,can be, and will able to exist
  • Robert has now consumed an entire galaxy
  • Robert known has at least a vsaue of power now
  • Robert has now consumed a Gerald level entity
  • Robert has now been looking around creating some second layer verses
  • TheKerbalking has now given Robert 50 cores of everything and is now Metaomniscient
  • Robert now wishes to turn entire planets into giant balls of blueprint particles and consume them to make him even more powerful.
  • Robert now seeks great power at each

everything layer

  • Robert has consumed an Omniverse


Other CE vs Robert

  1. Alphasm would be annihilated instantly.
  2. Gerald is HAHAHAHAHAHA.. you know why I'm laughing? because Gerald is a literal joke compared to Robert.
  3. Bean Man is nothing compared to Robert
  4. Bongus is like food for Robert.
  5. DK gets obliterated
  6. BEAN MAN BUT AWESOME pffttt... More like BEAN MAN BUT
  7. Zalof will probably destroy Robert but this might change in the
  8. Chalkosis gets obliterated But comes back from a quantum fluctuation and destroys Robert future Update:He is powerful enough to fight all these beings off at once in both physical as well as metal combat.

Quest For Knowledge

Robert wants a lot of knowledge so that he can become the smartest being in existence and become the god of knowledge. He wants your help.

Sjshshusha gave him a "Knowledge detector" so that he can detect all types of knowledge.

Bob got all knowledge that ever existed and now has Total Omniscience.