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A large universe where Oof lives, it is home to many different species, and some compare its animals and intelligent species to those of The Odd, but The Odd has much wackier specimens compared to this verse. It has the shape of a very large, red and yellow orb. Apples grow from the ground, and they are large enough to be used as dwellings, and are also very good for you. It is also very dark, which is why nobody knows where the apples come from.

As a civilization, the Ryakverse is one of the few to keep diversity and not use species-changing syringes on most of its inhabitants. Granted, they turn others into one of the four or a mix, but their diversity is still quite remarkable, especially spanning only one verse with some underwater homes.

This verse is able to withstand the pressure of the bottom of a large SHARKVERSAL planet, which is why most interactions with non-native species are only by internet. However, the a n t s are arriving soon from Arthopida.

There are ~19.6% Foonians, ~32.4% dwarven humans, ~14.2% living fruits, and ~21.4% large, sentient spiders (spidens), and 12.4% mixes. Due to genetic technology, sometimes a mix happens with combined abilities(like how Oofandfoo is spider/foonian).

Four Species...

Dwarven Humans

More on dwarven humans, they're very proud of their intellectual abilities and despise being called dwarves, as those are, as one said, "...a barbaric species of drunkards who can't stand a day without murder!" They are also quite different visually and anatomically, having troglodytic traits such as rather skinny limbs and pale skin, as well as cat-like eyes and an extra hand on each arm. Best suited to darkness, they find the space-faring cities best for them. They also have the lowest rate of vegetarianism and veganism, although they are smart enough to eat plenty of greens.


By far the weirdest of the species, these are randomly colored cylinders with hairs made for walking and psionic abilities for everything else. They put the Dwarven Humans to shame in intelligence, but are much more relaxed and comedic in nature. They don't require much food and only have two major body systems: nervous and digestive. These are very impeccable and can be adjusted by the Foonian with Psionic abilities and great understanding of their rather simple bodies, i.e. turning pain off for a while after getting into a car crash. With Spidens, they form some of the most psionically gifted individuals in the Omniverse.


Discussed to very small detail in Arthopida, Spidens are also telekinetic like the Foonians and have great resemblance tarantulas aside from their baldness, with their species using their brainpower to go about everyday life. Their homes often have furniture made from their own webbing, and excess Spiden Silk from willing sellers is a common product. Not the smartest but definitely the most inventive and friendly, although greed is another somewhat prominent feature in their kind

Sentient Fruits

Excluding apples, Sentient Fruits or "The Juicy" make up just about every fruit imaginable. They have limbs of varying size as well as rather cartoonish looking eyes and mouths, with their fruity flesh containing oddly human-like organs and systems with a vitamin c based twist. Even in psychology, they resemble everyday men and women rather oddly. Fruit with peels such as Sentient Oranges and Bananas tend to be slightly more humble.