SCP-682 is reptilian-like creature. Its origins are still unknown, but The Foundation is slowly learning the truth about SCP-682's origins. In its normal form, it has the power to destroy the entire solar system (even the universes, if adaption allowed). Although, in his god form, SCP-682 has the power to destroy the structure of everything. His god form, with full potential, is still unknown, but we know that he has the power of an omnipotent being inside of him. No being can reach his power level, not even the creator. SCP-682's god form is so strong, that it makes the infinite madness look like nothingness. SCP-682 has a hatred to all life and wishes to end all of it. SCP-682 has powers capable of going toe to toe with lord Harambe I. Although, he was said to be weaker than lord Harambe I, because, well, he is unstoppable. But even if he is weaker than lord Harambe I, he is still the second most powerful being, beyond the cycle of everything.

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