SHARKVERSAL Transportation Ship

Using the unique matter in the Omegaverse, Gigaversal Transportation Ship 1334 was fueled with Omega Californium Monocarbonate, as most other chemical made the ship dysfunctional, or were just useless. This sped by so fast that when it came back to our local, recently colonized Megaverse, it was dripping wet with water from the SHARKVERSE (yes it is all caps). Thankfully, the hull was 99% waterproof, and no vital systems were damaged (but the toilet didn't flush T_T). It was disassembled, nobody exept one person remembered what it was fueled with, thankfully he had photographic memory.

The ship was redesigned to be 100% waterproof (as well as all ships onward) and was given a wavy pattern so that the sharks wouldn't notice it. This hyper-anomaly has its own day, December 30, every 100 years, people put blue dye on everything, starting 2500.

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